About Us

With an overarching focus on sustainability, Circle of Hope aims to impact youth and women by encouraging literacy, promoting a culture of philanthropy and empowerment through education.


Circle of Hope aims to use education as a vessel to introduce women and children to opportunities beyond their circumstances.  Regardless of whether a child is in hospital, or in a refugee camp, providing the tools of education allows the mind to envisage unexpected new possibilities.

Through our commitment to the empowerment of women, we work to help women build professional support networks, using cross-industry mentorships and friendships as a means to develop skills, confidence and broaden women’s professional perspective.


With a focus on the unity of youth, we promote education, tolerance, empathy, and encourage a life-long habit of volunteerism and giving. Whilst striving to make a positive impact on youth in hospitals by promoting healing through reading, or those living in impoverished regions, orphanages, or those who are displaced due to war or natural disaster, through the delivery of innovative and sustainable learning tools, such as our beacon-in-a-box solar light kits, we can introduce children to a future previously unimagined.