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Circle of Hope was founded by Sheikha Shamma bint Sultan bin Khalifa Al Nahyanas the organisation which encompasses her non-profit social enterprises.  Circle of Hope is comprised of “Wanna Read?”, Beacon of Hope UAE, Mangroves 4 Mankind and MorEquity.

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    Our Initiatives

    Circle of Hope is comprised of “Wanna Read?”, Beacon of Hope, MorEquity and Mangroves 4 Mankind.

    Beacon of Hope

    Beacon of Hope UAE is a non-profit social enterprise founded in March 2016, under the patronage of Sheikha Shamma bint Sultan bin Khalifa Al Nahyan. With young engineering students at Khalifa University we developed a simple-to-assemble solar-light kit, or ‘beacon-in-a-box’ – taking only two minutes to build, boxes are delivered to children in war-torn or impoverished areas across the world. There, the children are taught to assemble their own light, which not only gives the youth a lesson in the science and physics of solar-light, but leaves them with a sense of accomplishment at having created it themselves. ‘Beacon-in-a-box’ solar-lights have more than the power to illuminate the night, they have the power to illuminate the mind, providing opportunity and hope, one light… and one child at a time.

    Beacon of Hope UAE has impacted thousands of children in need across Liberia, rural Morocco, Yemen, Somalia, Puerto Rico, Djibouti, Zanzibar and refugee camps in both Jordan and Iraq. Through education, the initiative aims to create a way forward for the children living in these challenged regions, and spur not only a curiosity for learning, but also to light the fire of hope within each of these young minds.

    ``Wanna Read?``

    “Wanna Read?” reading rooms allow for children to have an enriching and inviting area in which to temporarily escape their circumstances through the pages of a book.  Encouraging literacy and promoting a love of reading, “Wanna Read?” has expanded from encouraging ;healing through reading’ to making reading a priority amongst all youth, through the creation of reading areas in public spaces throughout the UAE and globally.


    Established in 2016, MorEquity is an enabling platform, driving community projects and bringing Emirati and residents of the UAE together. There are over 150 members from the UAE’s largest and most influential organisations who meet regularly for workshops and to collaborate on community projects that drive change. Community members are empowered to create gender equality in the workplace and work towards the common goal of a world where gender balance initiatives are no longer required.

    Mangroves 4 Mankind

    Mangroves 4 Mankind (M4M) is a social enterprise established in the UAE with a unique aim to combat climate change by conserving and restoring mangrove ecosystems in every coastal city around the world. At M4M, we pledge to do our part with a focus on mangrove ecosystems due to their immense carbon sequestration rate, and endless benefits to the animal kingdom.

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